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All I want to do is read you alllllll the timeeeeeee.

 Tiny Buddha 

 Tiny Buddha 

Out the window. 

Lord of the Rings finals week. Good choices. 

I am pretty sure this is my life right now.

I am pretty sure this is my life right now.

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This is for me.

I am so disappointed. I got wait listed for the study abroad program I want to do, need to do, have been planning on doing, and I am upset. It is the most popular program at my school so they had to be selective I guess but why not me. Studying abroad is literally a requirement for me and this is the only type of program that is financially feasible for me and the only time period to go that really works for me and a place I really really really wanted to study in.

I am upset that I didn’t get it and stressed about making a new plan  and disappointed that I didn’t already have a back-up plan and mad that someone who does not need to go and who put in much less effort than me gets to go. 

I am sure something will work out because it has to but for now I am just upset. 

Things have always come pretty easily for me but I have always felt that I deserved what I received. Maybe this is my time to learn what disappointment really feels like and maybe it is a good thing in the long run but right now it really fucking sucks. I have to figure this shit out so fast now, in fact during the time where I am already dealing with finals and ten zillion other things. I want to learn from this negative experience but the learning moment has come at a most inconvenient time and all I want to do is have someone tell me “surprise! you’re actually going to Granada!”

There is so much shit. I just don’t even understand. We’re all just here, trying to enjoy the time we have on the planet and life just keeps pelting us with snowballs. Please stop that life, your snowballs hurt and they are really starting to get on our nerves.

STAHP. YOU ARE TOO CUTE. No. don’t stop…

STAHP. YOU ARE TOO CUTE. No. don’t stop…

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